In recent years advancements in smartphone camera technology have helped make phone cameras almost as good as professional grade cameras. However, one limitation that all photographers face is the difficulty in controlling lighting conditions. In this blog post, we will explore how you can improve your phone photography by utilising external light sources to add a more flattering light, or a touch of drama to your photos.

1. Torch

A simple and readily available external light source that can significantly enhance your phone photography is a torch. By using a torch, or the flashlight on your phone, you can create directional lighting and add dramatic effects to your photos. Experiment with different angles and distances to achieve the desired lighting effect.

2. LED Light Panels

LED light panels are another excellent option for improving your phone photography. These portable and compact light sources provide a soft, diffused light that can help eliminate harsh shadows and evenly illuminate your subjects. You can adjust the brightness and color temperature of LED light panels to match the ambient lighting conditions.

3. Light Wands

Light wands are versatile tools that can be used to enhance your phone photography. They are long, thin light sources that can be easily handheld or mounted on a tripod. Light wands provide a continuous light output, allowing you to experiment with different lighting setups and create professional-looking photos.

4. Strobe Flashes

If you want to take your phone photography to the next level, consider using strobe flashes. Brands like Profoto and Godox offer strobe flashes that can be triggered wirelessly using dedicated apps. Strobe flashes provide a powerful burst of light, allowing you to freeze motion and capture stunning images in low-light conditions.

By utilising external light sources such as torches, LED light panels, light wands, or strobe flashes, you can significantly improve your phone photography. Experiment with different lighting techniques and explore the creative possibilities that these tools offer. With practice and patience, you can capture professional-looking photos using just your smartphone.

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