Hello and welcome to The Photography Assistant. If you have made it this far, odds are that you have an interest in photography! Either you’re trying to take the first steps in taking better photos on your phone, you’re looking to start a career in photography or perhaps you’re already an established working photographer looking for the latest advice, tips and inspiration to keep you on top of your game. Whatever it is that’s brought you here, you’ll find something useful here.

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About me

I’m James (pictured perilously perched) I’ve been working as a photographer in one capacity or another for 13 years. Originally from the UK, I work around the world for clients including Getty Images, Netflix and BAFTA to name just a few.

I started my interest in photography as a school child, learning in the darkrooms of Rickmansworth School Photography Department, before studying at the London College of Communication where I achieved a First Class (Hons) Degree in Photojournalism. Now I work across a variety of photographic disciplines, from shooting on-set on some of the world’s most watched TV shows, to being on the front row of some of the worlds biggest sports and entertainment events to working with small and large clients for corporate and commercial shoots as well as photo team project managing for events and conferences

I set up TPA with the hope of building a photography resource that can be of use to photographers around the world, regardless of where they are at in their career.

Its my ambition to work with the worlds best photographers, artists and technicians to create a global community that can help our industry in a time of great technological advancement and upheaval.

Want to work with us?

There are a few ways that we may be able to work together.

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Giveaways – Providing products to give away to our readers helps us repay them for visiting the website and thank them for their engagement. The costs of shipping will be at the cost of the brand. 

Sponsored posts – We can create bespoke content to connect your brand with our readers or we can work with you to create a post from your own content team.

Affiliate Links – I am always keen to create affiliate links to the products I work with and use, let me know if you sell anything you’d like me to link to.

Interviews and case studies – Do you have an expert or case study that our readers would enjoy hearing from? Please drop us a pitch because we love this type of content. Although we do have limited availability for this type of content, we’d still love to hear about it. 

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